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What are the best uses for Barefoot shoes?

Well this is a tough question as there are so many activities that barefoot shoes are used for.  The barefoot shoes that we stock are made from a material very similar to a wetsuit.  Which means first and foremost they are great to use for water sports.  For example they are great for paddle boarding as they give you more grip but you still retain your natural foot shape and feel.  When your done they are super easy to clean and then dry fast.  Another water activity they can be really useful for is around the pool.  With increased grip you get the safety factor but they also will protect your feet from scrapes and stubbed toes!

Barefoot shoes are great for indoor activities as well.  We have countless happy customers that have used our shoes in their pump gym class or just for weightlifting to help stimulate their foot and lower calf muscles more naturally.  They help you achieve a better grip with the ground when performing squats or exercises but are very light and still allow your feet to grip the ground more naturally.

If you have a favourite use for your barefoot shoes let us know with a reply below or post your story with a pic to our facebook page.  You could win a free pair of shoes!


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